Importing large text files to excel



Hi, i am using Excel 2002, and I am wondering what is an efficient way
to import text files with more than 65536 lines to excel (eg. if it's
120000 lines, I want the excel workbook to automatically create two
tabs, with the first tab having the first part of the text file, line
1 to line 65000, the second tab having line 65001 to 120000.)

Right now, i am using a splitter (HJSplit) to first manually split the
large text file into several small files, then i import each file to
an individual tab in a excel workbook. But obviously that's not the
best way.

Thank you very much.

Dave Peterson

I'd continue to use HJSplit (maybe even mechanize it in a macro).

Then record a macro that would open both text files and parse them the way I

Then when I needed to do it again, I'd run the macro (or HJSplit and then the

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