Importing E-mail Addresses to Microsoft Outlook '03


Virginia Girl

We have another data base where e-mail addresses are stored. They are in
Microsoft Access format, so we should be able to get them into my Microsoft
Outlook e-mail contacts, but I am completely computer illiterate. The e-mail
addresses are in 3D, a system that we use for setting up and managing our
home inspection company. 3D told me that they use Microsoft Access format,
but how do we import them to M.Office??? Thanks.

Roady [MVP]

Outlook can import from MS Access files. You can select it from the Import
and Export Wizard under the File menu.
If you can directly map all the database fields to the Outlook contact
fields completely depend on the structure of the database. You can ask 3D to
assist you with that. Running a custom report from their Access database
and/or exporting it to a single MS Access or Excel table would highly
simplify the importing process.

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