import hyperlinks into access



I am trying to import an excel file with a column of hyperlinks into Access.
The hyperlinks are embedded in Text. For example Biocarta has a hyperlink to When I import this file
into Access and change the column to hyperlink in design view I only get
hyperlink to
Biocarta and not the real hyperlink. Is there anyway to transfer this
information or do I have to type out each hyperlink individually? I also
tried linking the table but I don't see the hyperlinks at all that way.

Thanks for any help.

Toni-Ann Mistretta

Remember when we thought computers would save us time!?



I just tried that and it did not work. I either get www.biocarta or
nothing. I tried first just importing to a new table and then changing
column to hyperlink column - www.biocarta

and then I created table with a hyperlink column and imported into it and I
"Biocarta" and no hyperlink attached to it.

Am I doing something wrong? (obviously I must be!)

Thanks again for any help


Interesting. I had a friend try to import my original Excel file into Access
and it worked for him. He has an earlier version of Access (2002) so it
looks like problem is with Access 2003

Any comments?

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