Import from notepad Pipe delimited text document



I would like to import a table which is an auto- generated notepad text
document that has pipe delimiters. I thought I might import it into a 'raw
import' table and refine from there but I notice now that ACCESS doesnt
import .dat files . I would really like to be able to just "link" to this
file because although I know how to use the excel text wizard to get this
..dat document into an xls format there are others in my office who do not .

Each morning I use the excel text wizard as my first step to get this
table into an xls format and then it is linked to my database and is
overwritten every day.

I am a beginner and am using ACCESS 2003. I would appreciate any
direction .

Ken Snell

For security reasons, newer versions of ACCESS will not import (via
TransferText) text files with nonstandard files extensions -- the only file
extensions that can be used for text files for ACCESS to import them are
".txt", ".csv", ".tab", and ".asc". To handle a ".dat" file extension, see
these Knowledge Base articles:

ACC2000: Importing or Linking a Text File Fails for a File That Does Not
Have a Valid File Name Extension

ACC2000: "Can't Update. Database or Object Is Read-only" Error Message When
You Import or Export Files;[LN];245407

ACC2000: How to Import a Text File That Has an Extension That Access Does
Not Recognize

(The renaming of the file is the preferable method.)

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