Import External Data



Greetings, all.
I am currently importing some text files into Excel, and wanted to find out
if it's possible to import mulitple files. I can't seem to select more than
one file from the list at this time.
The files are Text, and are all bascially the same. They are space
delimited, and I have no problems using the wizard to import single files.
Since I usually have 8-10 files to import, is there a way to import them as
a group? I sure hope so, my clicking finger is wearing out!
Thanks in advance!
Paul Q

Jim Thomlinson

The short answer is no. While you know that the file formats are the same XL
doesn't and as such it will not allow multiple file imports.

You could do a macro but it will require a bit of custom coding to allow you
to pick the files... do-able but not for the faint of heart.

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