Import Excel Meeting Requests to Outlook



I have an Excel named range with columns mapped to Outlook calendar
fields. When I use Outlook's import function I am able to import all
rows to my Outlook calendar, but they import as appointments, and not
as meeting requests. The "required attendees" field is always ignored
on import.

Is there a way to import my Excel data as a meeting request, so the
required attendees see the appointments in the shared calendar?

I am using both Excel and Outlook 2007 SP1.



Vince Averello

As far as I know, no. Imported items are appointments not requests. Wouldn't
you need to send it to each person for it to end up in their calendar, not a
shared one...




That's a good point. I guess more specifically I'm trying to add all of the
appointments to a common calendar so all managers can see all of the events,
but I'd like reminders to trigger for just the specific manager to whom the
event applies.

I tried populating the Meeting Organizer field with the manager's email
addresses, but in Outlook all events defaulted back to me as the M.O.

I'll keep hunting; thanks for your help.

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