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Peter van den Hooff

Our user level secured ms-access 2K frontend is used by two groups of
users, one group having the frond-end on local c-drives and one group
running the front-end on a shared network drive.
Only the latter group is sometimes facing errors clearly related to
something we cannot understand (e.g. the vba command label.caption =
"hello world")

The database can be compiled without errors, a mde can be made.

We saw only one solution: creating a new MDB and import all objects.
This new frond-end works without errors, however the extensive
securitysettings are messed up

Pleace advice how to correctly import / copy and paste the security


Peter vd H

Peter van den Hooff

Peter van den Hooff wrote:

Why do some users execute the app from the C: drive and others from the
network?  Are 2 or more users sharing the same computer somehow?  Do
some users have rights to the C: drive and others are locked out out of C:?

What do you not understand in my question:
Please advice how to correctly import the security settings ??

To answer yours, we are talking about a big hospital environment where
different departments / sections have different network solutions.

Joan Wild

Security settings are never carried with an object on import (they
instead get the permissions set on <New Object> for each type.

To answer your question, you can use Jeff Conrad's utility to copy the
permissions from one database to another.

First item at

Joan Wild

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