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Curt W

In Outlook 2003, at my Verizon e-mail account, I have created folders under
the "Personal Folder" entitled "Saved E-mails" with sub-folders for those
e-mails I wish to keep for a while.

These folders I created, do not appear for me to move e-mails into while I
go thru my mail using my iphone. I have only inbox, Sent & Trash as options
to move while viewing. Also, when I trash an e-mail using my iphone the
message stays in Outlook as never viewed.

I was advised that MS Outlook dosen't support IMAP. Is this true??

I have an AOL account that when using my iphone, allows me to move e-mails
into any subfolder I created in AOL along with automatically removing said
e-mail from the AOL "Inbox". Thus I don't have to do double the work.

Please advise on IMAP support within MS Outlook.

Thank you in advance.


There are know problems with Outlook & IMAP. Excerpt from the Dovecot
Wiki page:


# You should enable outlook-idle workaround with IMAP.

# Outlook might not hide or purge deleted items by default. Microsoft
has a how-to that shows how to fix this.

# If some Outlook users don't see new or sent mails in the appropriate
folders after a migration from UW IMAPd even if they are visible in
other clients (e.g. Roundcube, Thunderbird, or on the disk itself), and
you get the error message "BAD Error in IMAP command UID: Invalid UID
messageset" in the log or rawlog: It helps to remove the problematic
IMAP account completely from Outlook and recreating it again there. It
speaks a different IMAP afterwards, so there are reasons to believe it
caches the details of some server on the first connect and doesn't
refresh them even if you change the server's hostname in the account



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