images won't print in word, excel, or powerpoint



Recent update from windows 2000 and office 2000 to windows xp and office 2003.

Now, when inserting pictures or opening docs with pictures, they do not
print. They show up on print preview. I have tried all the standard
solutions - options are set to print drawing objects, placeholders is
unchecked, it is not set to draft print.

I have tried every option I can think of, have looked on knowlege base, and
still cannot figure this out. The same documents look fine and print find in
the windows 2000/office 2000 environment - we have tested this on computers
where the updates have not been done yet.

I also started with a fresh doc in word, excel, and powerpoint and inserted
a new jpeg, same problem, the page prints out blank.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Shauna Kelly


Make sure you have the right printer driver for your printer and Windows XP.
You can generally download them from the website of the printer

Hope this helps.

Shauna Kelly. Microsoft MVP.

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