Images in header using OutputTo to Word


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I want to include a logo in the header of my 'Access' report. I also want to
use 'OutputTo' to print the report in MS Word. OutputTo does not,
apparently, include images and I don't want to use blank sheets with a
pre-printed header in Word so is there a workaround? It works fine in other

I tried using a saved Word file with a header logo as a template and
including its path in the 'templatefile' clause but to no avail. This looks
as if it only works with web or html pages.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

Why do you need the report in Word? How about outputting the report as a
Snapshot file?

Depending upon the nature of the report, you may however be able to use
mailmerge in Word with the Access information as the datasource.

Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

Visitor No 3

<< Why do you need the report in Word? >>
A long and convoluted tale involving committees. You don't want to know.

<<How about outputting the report as a Snapshot file?>>
Basically, because I never thought about it. It isn't one of the options
shown in the 'OutputTo.OutputFormat' arguments in the help example so I
never looked any further..

That fulfils my requirements admirably.

Many thanks,

Ian Millward

Paul Shapiro

If the user has the full Acrobat version they can print to an Acrobat file
which should be an exact replica of the Access report.
Paul Shapiro

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