Image is "corrupted" after using ImageX to deploy XP



Dear Microsoft support.

I believe I to have found an issue with Imagex, the new Microsoft Imaging

I tried the following

• Installed Windows XP SP2 with all the latest hotfixes.
• Installed Office 2003 with all the latest hotfixes.
• Sysprep the machine.
• Reboot the machine into Windows PE.
• Capture the image with Imagex (Version 6.0.6000.16386)

On a technician build pc I created a smaller image with imagex that only
contains the sysprep and drivers for a particular machine type.

To deploy do the following

• Boot the target machine.into Windows PE.
• Format the c: drive.
• Deploy the image that contains the Operating System using the /apply option.
• Deploy the smaller image to the disk using the apply option.
• Reboot and let the machine automatically configure itself.

To get the error messages do the following:

• Login as the local administrator and create a user account.
• Logoff and login with the previous created account.
• Click on Microsoft Word in the start menu.

You will notice that word will try to repair itself but is unable to do so.
The error message is:

an error accurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Please
run Setup and select "Repair..." to restore this application

If the same user that was just created is given administrator rights all
seems to be fine again. It just happened with a regular user.

If the initial image is deployed and the sysprep directory is just copied to
the disk (Using xcopy), instead of being put there with imagex everything is

Hope you can help me with it.

Kind regards
Michael Waterman
+31 292 30 882


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