IIS Server / ASP web application .NET 2003 problem



Hi everybody,

I have installed the .NET 2003 (framework 1.1) on Windows XP SP2 computer.
When I try to open existing Web application or create a new Web application
then the following error message appear:

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error.

Then the existing application loads normally, but it's not possible to
debug: another message appears:

"Impossible to launch the debug on Web server. The server side error
occurred on HTTP debug request. Check that server runs correctly..."

Then I've searched Internet and tried to solve the problem: uninstalled and
reinstalled IIS and Visual Studio .NET 2003, launched aspnet_regiis.exe -i,
iisreset, even tried to delete ASPNET user.

The problem persists. If anyone has an idea please help.

Thanks a lot in advance,



Go under IIS and make sure you "Create Application". The website must be a
virtual directory.

Start/ Settings / Control Panel / Admin / IIS

Find the directory, and right click / properties.

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