Ignoring reminders with the X in the corner


M Skabialka

I opened Outlook on a second machine so I coul track incoming email. Some
reminders popped up which I wanted to reset to come back in two hours but
figured I'd do them on the first machine, so I closed them with the X in the
corner, figuring they'd still be there on the other PC.

They weren't. And I wasn't paying attention to what they were; I was too

I closed Outlook on both machines, then reopened on one - the reminders
didn't come back for the several I thought I was just ignoring by closing

I know if I close Outlook when there are reminders open, they just come back
when you reopen Outlook.

Have I now dismissed them permanently?




Patricia Cardoza - [MVP Outlook]

Click the Reminders option from the View menu and see if they come back.

Patricia Cardoza
Outlook MVP

Author, Special Edition Using Microsoft Outlook 2003

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