ignoring errors




I have a spreadsheet (rather a big one) which shows an error (triangle in
the corner of the cell) in all the cells of a single column. I understand
the (apparent) errors and need to 'ignore' them. I know how to do this one
by one, but there are over 700 cells in the column. Is there a way of
selecting all the affected cells & 'ignoring' the errors in one go ?

I dont want to turn off the error checking because the same error could turn
up elsewhere .



Rick Rothstein

On my copy of XL2003, if I select all the cells with a triangle "error"
indicator that I want to clear the error from (your selection can also
include cells without the triangle indicator if necessary), a small box with
an exclamation mark inside a diamond shape appears to the right of the
selection... clicking it produces a drop down list in which "Ignore Error"
is one of the listed items... click that entry and the triangles go away.


Hello & thanks, this works fine tho the little box with ! can be difficult
to spot.

Thanks again


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