Windows XP Ignoring a date in a lookup value in order to work a VLOOKUP formula

Oct 22, 2008
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I would like to use a VLOOKUP formula in my bank statement sheets in order to populate item codes from a lookup table. Some of the entries (lookup values) in a statement contain a date in the form of ddmmm (e.i. 21JUL). Is there a way of creating a VLOOKUP formula that will ignore the date in the lookup value and therefore populate correct item codes into the statement sheets...for example I have several instances of the entry BANK TRANSFER ON ddmmm, where ddmmm is the date (21JUL, 11AUG, 05SEP). I would create a lookup table with a single entry BANK TRANSFER ON and the VLOOKUP formula will recognise this entry ignoring the date in the lookup value.
Hope it makes sense. Thank you in advance. Heidi

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