IfThen Statement



I need to combine 2 worksheets together but only certain
columns. What I need is if page 1 cell A1 = 2nd page
worksheet cell A1 then populate page 1cell F1 with the
info on page 2 cell F1. Ex.
page 1
zip code st city card
85983 AZ lenexa siedie
44621 CA san diego maricaoe
67898 MO edwardswille supads
93975 MS maine tinko
37439 OK mansville spidal

zip code st city number
37439 OK mansville 646
44621 CA san diego 840
67898 MO edwardswille 444
85983 AZ lenexa 217
93975 MS maine 879

This is a long list and would take hours to copy line by
line. It has to find the match in column 1 as they are
not always in the same order.
There has to be a way. Can you help?



Leo Heuser


If I have understood you correctly, here's one way:

In Sheet1 cell F1 enter


Copy F1 down with the fill handle (the little square
in the lower right corner of the cell)

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