If, If, If, If, If ...


Neil Pearce

Dear all,

Column A contains building work items decriptions in text: Excavate, Build

Columns C-Z contain differrent projects with corresponding associated
quantities for each item

Columns C-Z also have an option button over their headings. The option
buttons are group with their link cell located in cell B1. The output of the
option buttons are therefore 1-24.

Based on the option box selected I wish to copy that projects data into
column B so that just columns A& B can be printed. I can obviously create a
massivley long IF, within an If statement for each of the cells in coumn B:
=IF(B1=1,C4,IF(B1=2,D2,IF(B1=3,E4,IF(... IF(B1=24,Z24,"Error")))... However
this is clearly not the best apprach to fulfill my aim.

Any ideas? Help much appreaciated, thank-you.

Kind regards,




Neil Pearce

Coeey all, please don't waste your time on this...


Worked nicely.



Sean Timmons

you can do this... Make a table with your 1 - 24 in, say, column D and your
cell references in column E. So, D2 is 1, E2 is C4...

then, in column B, type


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