"If" function in multiple Cells



I would like to use the If function in order to fill out certain cells
containing text. The idea is this:
Depending on what name was entered in column B a different result for
C/D would be entered For column C & D I would like to have an "If"
function whereas for instance I had "Rob" in column B1 - in column C1
"68-001" would fill in and in column D1 "8ax" would fillin. And so on
throughout the entire worksheet.
Basically I would need a formula, but I cannot figure out how to put
multiple values in to give 1 result out of a selection. I have tried
different combinations to no avail.
Can this be done?

1 Rob 68-001 8ax
2 Jason 68-002 6ax
3 Rich 68-003 8ax
4 Rob 68-001 8ax


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