if function (if more that 7 nesting)



End result is to compare prior year numbers to current year to date
sheet 1 has the following columns-- sheet 2 has history-each month totals
for a number of years

COL A Secured Loan Interest
COL B(current month) 39,333.98
COL C(prior month) $36,134.55
COL D(variance MTD) $3,199.43
COL E(current YTD) $113,440.47
COL F(previous YTD) $512,814.15
All of the information on worksheet is filled in with a vlookup formula.
I want COL F to add up the totals from sheet 2 for each month up to the
current month for this year, so that this year and prior year totals are for
the same timeframe.
I know that you can only nest 7 if statements in a formula, but I need to do
12 if's to get all the months totaled. Can anyone help with this?



Luke M

Assuming dates are in col A, data in col B:

will sum everything from this month and earlier for the previous year.




Did not work, dates are in col b row 3 and are set as text (Apr-10) this was
done so that the =match formula worked to pick up other info. The data is on
rows in each column.
Variance'!$B$3,History1!$A$1:$CG$1,0),0) this is the formula in: example--
COL B ROW 3 on the main worksheet.

I want COL F to pick up info on the History1 worksheet for all months from
2009 up to and including April if Apr-10 is the column heading at B3. The
column headings on the History1 worksheet are also set as text Jan-09 Feb-09
Mar-09, etc.

Thanks for any help you can give me on this.

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