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Hi,i need to manually enter in every cell in range a different number instead
of text. This formula is looking only for "OK". i need this formula to look
for different numbers.

pay", IF(COUNT(Sheet1!A1:G1),IF(TODAY()>=MAX(Sheet1!A1:G1),"Expired",

A1 145/01.01.2010
B1 258/01.02.2010
C1 298/01.03.2010
D1 401/01.04.2010

I need the formula to not contain a default number in it. I need the formula
to work if i enter a diferent number in a cell, each time. I don't want to
replace in formula "OK" with a number without quotes like you said. I need to
not put anything in formula instead of "OK". I need to cut somehow this part
with "OK" and the formula to work knowing that in every cell in range it will
be a different number each time.
The idea is that the formula to display "please pay" if there is an empty
cell. If the cell contain something(and it will contain numbers-different
numbers)than the formula to display result.
Sorry for my english.
Can this be done?

Jacob Skaria

If I understand you correctly you are looking for non blank cells. If so try




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This is exactly what i need!
But now i found another thing. If in sheet1!A1:G1, the last date is
01.08.2009, a date that has past, and next cell is empty, the formula is not
showing me "expired".
I need the formula to show me "expired" when it found the first blank cell.
A1 145/01.06.2009
B1 258/01.07.2009
C1 298/01.08.2009
D1 401/01.09.2009

Cell E1 is empty.
If sheet2!D1 is empty, than the code to display "Please pay"
If sheet2!D1 has some numbers in it, than the code to display "expired"
because Sheet1!E1 is empty.
Can this be done?


"Jacob Skaria" a scris:

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