Lately i have been getting this message while in internet
explorer, i not noticed everytime but i think it is
appearing when i exit explorer. Today it also seemed to
happen when i was closing out of my corel draw program, i
don't remember at the time i could have also had explorer
open as well. When i do get the message when i click OK it
shuts down the browser or the software program i have
open. I am running win2k pro. I did get the blaster worm
and since then ran the microsoft patch and did all of my
windows updates and re scanned virus software and have no
longer had any infections. Other than the message since i
corrected the virus problem everything seemed to be
working fine, unless this message is part of the virus i
had. Here is what the message says: "IEXPLORER.EXE has
generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will
need to restart the program . An error log is being
created. (OK Button). If someone knows of this problem and
whats causing this please tell me what to do to fix it.


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