iexplore.exe application error on close



I've reached a new level of frustration.

Since upgrading to SP2 months ago, IE 6 frequently abends with an
application error when closing.

I have watched this newsgroup and tried every recommendation suggested
including Spybot, sysclean, adware, upgrading JAVA and on and on.

My system never had this problem until upgrading to SP2 and no matter what I
try, nothing appears to work.

The problem appears to be content related in that once I find a web page
that results in a failure, I can repeat the failure anytime I want by going
to that page and then closing the explorer.

Today, for example, the following page causes the failure:

I don't know whatelse to try. The last time I posted here, the only
response I got was telling me I had misspelled iexplore.exe (I had typed
iexplorer.exe). Anybody got any real suggestions on how to diagnose the
cause of this problem?




Emrys Davies


I don,t think that it is your computer which is at fault. I opened that
URL which you posted and when I closed it I also got an error message
requesting that I send an Error Report to Microsoft.

Emrys Davies.





I also reached the same level of frustration you did, and for the exact same
reasons you described. I also tried all that was posted on the newsgroups,
with no success.

I am now running Mozilla, which has been having none of the errors, or
threats of vulnerability IE did.

I am afraid to say, Mozilla is actually a better browser in my opinion.
Very few things do not work with Mozilla (usually Microsoft stuff), and it
seems faster to me (again, just opinion)

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