IE6 with SP1 problem accessing JS frame pages



I have IE6 with SP1 installed, and I'm unable to access
sites with JavaScript in frames. I found the install for
the problem, q827667, but when I try to install, it says
you need IE6 SP1 installed. Any update I've tried to
install, I get the same message. I try to re-install the
SP1 and it says that I have a newer version of IE6
installed on the computer and the installer closes.
We're running XP, so I can't uninstall IE6 and re-
install. Any ideas? Thanks.


This is a very common problem - I've got it, and so do about 20-30 other
writers on this forum. There have been lots of suggestions about things to
try, but unfortunately, nothing has worked.

Several people (myself included) have ended up installing competitor's
browsers - Opera ( is a good one, or Netscape.

Sorry for the bad news.

Tony St.John

Ramesh said:

This Fix will repair your Winsock for XP ,, use link above,,
This is a fix for getting your browser to show all the blank / red x frames
/ Ads in your display.

Thanks for all the help Ramesh {MVP}

This winsock repair fixed all my IE web page display trouble. All my pages
show and display as they should know.

Thanks again


After turning off Norton Internet Security Professional
2002 and restarting IE I was able to access those sites.

I am not sure if this is the ultimate solution for
everyone who is unable to access sites with JavaScript
using IE6 with SP1 (IE 6.00.2800.1106) (see Microsoft
Knowledge Base Article 827667).

For specifics on my settings, see posting Feb 24, 2004


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