IE6 Win98



Help please, whilst attempting to browse I keep getting an
error message and the offer to send the error report to
M/Soft. The error signature is: AppName iexplore.exe
AppVer 6.0.2800.1106 ModName: mmsvcrt.dll ModVer
6.1.8293.0 Offset: 00015ca2. I have tried to repair but
get the following message: IE6 cannot be repaired due to
the following errors: Version 3.08168.0 of files ATL.DLL
exists, but the version needs to be greater than 3.08449.0.
I have sent the reports to M/Soft over the last three
weeks but no response. This is happening more and more
frequently to the stage where I cannot use the web.
Please help!

Alan Edwards

Please check the messages and repost if not EXACT
(mmsvcrt.dll seems a bit odd)



I've been having the exact same problem, every time I click a link. I had a
thought that it might have something to do with my ammount of availible RAM,
but it sounds like it's a bigger problem than that.

Please let me know if you find a solution.

Thank you!

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