IE6 Locks Up When Logging Onto Some Sites....


C. Connolly

When I log onto SOME sites that require me to enter a login ID and password,
after I enter in my password and press the key marked Login or Next or
whatever it is that completes the login, IE6 often freezes up completely and
I have to use task manager to shut it down.
What's annoying about it (in addition to this one problem) is that it does
not happen all the time on all sites. So if I'm having this problem on one
site, hours later it might not happen at all. I've checked my security,
advanced options all to no avail. I've had my administrator take a look and
he's stumped (and says he "looking into a solution" but it's been weeks).
It's getting to the point where I simply avoid logging into sites while at
work and waiting until I get home. But there are sites here at work where I
need to login and this is happening here as well. I've never had this issue

PA Bear [MS MVP]

Please state your full Windows version (e.g., WinXP SP3; Win2K SP4) when
posting to this newsgroup.

At which sites are you encountering this behavior?

What anti-virus application or security suite is installed and is your
subscription current? What anti-spyware applications (other than Defender)?
What third-party firewall (if any)?

Has a Norton or McAfee application ever been installed on this machine
(e.g., a free-trial version that came preinstalled when you bought it)?

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