Windows XP IE6 homepage resets to after reboot

Jan 11, 2006
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I'm running a fairly vanilla installation of XP Pro SP2 & IE6 on my IBM T42 LTop. Recently, every time I reboot, my IE6 homepage has reset to I've run several anti-hijack programs, none of which have found anything. I'm inclined to think that its a setting somewhere, rather than a browser hijack of some sort. I change the homepage back to my chosen one every time and it stays the same through IE6 closing and opening, but as soon as I reboot for any reason, it's back to! Does anybody know of this problem and how to rectify it? Thanks a million, from a Kiwi in Arizona.



Feb 23, 2002
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Do you have MSN Messenger Installed, or the MSN Browser? That might may do it - as I would doubt spyware would do that (unless it isn't actually

If you have MS Antispyware installed you can "lock" your homepage as it prompts on any attempted change.

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