Identifying Date Overlaps



I am working on a spreadsheet that will be used to calculate starting
salaries for employees using defined criteria. The last problem to
completing this sheet is how to identify overlapping dates. The basic problem
is as follows:

In the spreadsheet, their are 10 fields for entering past employment dates
(each field has a start date and an end date). What I need to figure out, is
how to get the spreadsheet to automatically fill-in a chart that contains a
calendar of all the dates - that is, to place the start and end date in the
appropriate date field, and fill-in each date in-between. The unit of
measurment I'm using is Month-Year - the info is tracked month.

This is an example of what I want it to look like:

Start Date: Mar-2003 1
Apr-2003 1
May-2003 1
End Date: Jun-2003 1

2 questions: Can this be done? And if so, How?

This would be great to have help.

Thanks in advance


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