Icon bit depth when connected remotely



I'm connecting to my remote system at 15-bit color. The icon bit depth looks
to be either 16 or 256 colors, not the high resolution. If I re-connect
using the administrator account, the icons look fine. But when I connect as
myself, they're at the lower bit depth.

Images are just fine (like wallpaper), they are displaying at the full

How can I fix this? Is there a registry entry that controls this setting I
can change? Please help, it's really annoying and I've seen this before on
other systems.



Check the setting for your client that it is the same for both users. Check
the Option tab, Display tab and
Experience tab of the client that they are the same. Check the selected
speed of the connection. Check your settings.


Yep, I've done all these things and the settings match on all connections.
The connection is definately at 15-bit because I'm getting rich color with
images, etc. It's only the Icons that are at the low bit-depth.

I think there must be a registry entry that I can set to fix.


I was having this same problem, but I found a resolution.


Towards the bottom of that page are instructions on how to edit
Terminal Services Group Policy. I founded these instructions and was
able to edit the "Limit maximum color depth" in Terminal Services. The
original state was set to Client Compatiable, right click on Limit
maximum color depth, go to Properties and choose enabled then select
the color depth you would like. I was able to do this remotely and it
took effect next time I connected to that computer.

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