I want to split a cell diagnally and put a number on both sides.



I am doing a golf handicap spreadsheet. I need to split some cells diagnally
according to their handicap so I can put their gross score in the upper left
half and their net score in the lower right half. Example: If a guy has a 8
handicap the spreadsheet needs to go to the 8 highest handicap holes and
divide those cells diagnally so I can type in his gross & net score in the
same cell. I have the handicap number of the holes across the top of my
spreadsheet. I would really like a formula that would insert that diagnal
line automaticaly after I put in their handicap. Any thoughts?



Dave Peterson

You could fiddle around with a diagonal border (via format|cells|border tab) and
then typing one value, alt-enter (to force a new line in the cell) and the
second value.

And then add some space characters to make things line up nicely.

But I wouldn't do this. It makes anything you want to do with that data much,
much more difficult.

Just use a couple of columns and make your life a lot easier.

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