I need a formula for if cells a1 and a2 are the same then cell a3

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How do I make cell A3 equal 4 if cells A1 and A2 are the same?
For example if cell A1 and A2 have a X in it, then cell A3 =4
or if cell A1 and A2 are blank then cell A3 =4
As long as the cells match, cell A3=4
If cells do not match then cell A3 =0


Yes, that worked. But what would i have to do to make cell A4 be 4 if cell
A1, A2 A3 are the same and have cell A4 be 0 if A1 A2 A3 do notr match in any

David Biddulph

If you want to know how the Excel AND function works, look it up In Excel
help. [The same applies for every other Excel function except DATEDIF.]

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