I have problem whis Windows Media Services 9 Series.


vera esaulova

I have problem whis Windows Media Services 9 Series.

I have videostream, which will consist of two streams(512k/bit and
256k/bit).I need to allocate a stream 256k/bit. In SDK is written:

Supporting Multiple Bit Rate Files
Several versions of the same audio or video content can be stored in
separate streams, encoded at different bit rates, in a Windows Media file.
When a Windows Media player connects to an origin server, it requests only
one each of the possible audio and video streams, based upon the available
bandwidth of the connection. However, if a distribution server or cache
proxy server connects to download content, it requests all of the multiple
bit rate streams. Because the origin server attempts to deliver all of the
packets in real time, the download can fail if bandwidth limitations are
exceeded. To address this problem, your plug-in can specify a download rate
that is slower than real time when it calls the
IWMSCacheProxyServer::DownloadContent method.

But not examples on C#, how to receive object IWMSCacheProxyServer.

But object IWMSServer has similar method:

string strSrcURL,
string strDestFile,
int lContentSizeLow,
int lContentSizeHigh,
int lBitRate

Last parameter limits a passband.

WMSServerLib.WMSServer Server;


But this does'n work, cannel passes both streams.


I saw this posting in the following groups:


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