I Deleted crucial objects!


Hans Mosberg

I am sooo screwed!
In a clean-up frenzy I must have deleted vital files for my W2K AS server to
function: The server behaved perfectly normally uo to a scheduled shut-down
and restart: Now the server reboots every time after I try to log in to the
initial login prompt.
I can boot into "active directory recovery safe mode", but then what?

I experimented with ntdsutil to no avail (example: authoritative restore >
database restore: "could not initialize the jet engine: system database not

Of course, Exchange server won't start either - and my user data are in

Is there any way to get the server back so that I can at least recover the
data in Exchange?

Any help is appreciated!

(e-mail address removed)

Paul McGuire

Try an Inplace Upgrade.Boot off the CD. Hit enter to install Windows. THen
when the server finds a previous install of windows choose Repair.


Paul McGuire

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