i can't cancel a print job on my shared network printer



I have an hp deskjet 3420 connected to my wife's pc which is networked with
mine. It is set as the default printer for both our machines. However, when I
try print it registers as 'pending' but nothing happens, and when I try
delete the printjob nothing still happens - so I get a string of printjobs
waiting with no action.
Help. What should I do?


Hi there Tevia,

Right click on My Computer, then click on Manage.
Down at the bottom on the left side you will see a section called Services.
Click to Highlight.

On the right side, scroll down until you see Print Spooler.
Right Click on Print Spooler, and click on Stop.
Keep this window open.
Open My Computer.
Go to C:\Windows\System32\Spool

Delete all of the files in the Directory, but DO NOT delete any of the
folders or anything in the folders.

Close this window.

Go back to the services window.

Right Click on Print Spooler. Then click on start.

The jobs should now be gone.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,



I was having the same problem. Tried this solution and it didn't work! Any
idea why or any suggestions?


hey there Nicole,

How many printers do you have on the file server and what models do you have?

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