I cannot delete the extra rows or columns in Excel 2007



I cannot eliminate the extra columns to the right and rows below my Excel
2007 spreadsheet. I highlight the columns and rows, click on the Home
ribbon, click on the Cells Tab and Click on Delete Columns or Delete Rows and
they remain.

I can hide them, but when I save my spreadsheet and then open again, they
are not hidden. I set my print area, and they do not print, but my
supervisor believes there is a way to eliminate them so that when we forward
the document they will not be seen.

Has anyone had this same issue?




You will NOT be able to delete those extra rows and columns as all
sheets are a fixed size. All you can do is to hide them.

Hope this helps.




K Sommer

You are absolutely correct, you can not delete blank rows or columns off of
the worksheet. You ought to be able to hide them or you can go to View then
Page Break Preview. This will grey out anything not on the printable area.

Best way is to print to a PDF file and send the PDF. This way your
spreadsheet is not modified by someone outside your group.

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