I cannot copy the columns of formulas in this Workbook::: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



This file is found here: http://uptonroadpress.com/music/

This is making me crazy.

I want to finish this workbook in my lifetime.

I need to copy the formula cells to fill 72 columns.

I have to copy about 1 percent of the formulas and paste to 4 columns each
time to avoid a damaged sheet.

I then save, and then close, and then open. Often the sheet is corrupted.
Then I open the previous worksheet and try again.

I have tried 2003 and 2007. 2007 takes 2-3 times to load, copy, save, and
scrolling is torture.

Thinking the sheet had a fundamental error I created a new workbook and
copied the non-formula parts and used formulas saved in notepad files.

I have used 2 computers: 1st uses vista, 2 gig cpu, 2 gig ram, The 2nd is a
dual-core 2.4 gig cpu with 2 gig ram, xp sp3. Very few programs loaded, no
AV, etc.,....

This is very annoying.

This page is from a larger workbook that has 6 other pages with 72 columns
of formulas. The others are not quite as complicated. But the workbook loads
quicker than this one page workbook.

Help me Rhoda, Help, Help me Rhoda




Roger Govier


Try changing your calculation mode before doing the copying
XL2003 Tools>Options>Calculation>Manual
XL2007 Formulas tab>Calculation>Calculation Options>Manual

Switch back to automatic when you have finished your copying.


Thank you for your response. Yea, did that.

I have posted a new WB: http://uptonroadpress.com/music/
other costs building 0609 c test 2c.xls

I have localized the issue. It is the AND part of the formula.

I split the WB into 3 files.

The AND comparison is very slow, and creates unreadable files when copied
many times at once..

I replaced the AND with a double IF. Same result.

The and determines if 1 number is between 2 others.

The new example has the AND and the IF formulas:



The challenge is to copy the formulas in column AF for the remaining column


Duke Carey

just a shot in the dark, try using





Thank you for the resply.

Tried this: AND(AF$7>=$O15,AF$7<=$P15) still slow

Tried this:

Excrutiatingly slower.

How could such a simple function be such a drag?

Roger Govier


Your worksheet is corrupted somehow.
I copied the block of data A1:AE42 and to a new workbook did Paste
Special>Formats followed by Paste Special>Formulas
I then did the same thing with range AF1:AF42

Then, copying the formulae from column AF in the new book through to column
CY is almost instantaneous.

After the new book is saved, file size comes tumbling down from 2089 KB to




Thank you for your confirmation. I test a fresh sheet just now. Same result
as you.

Does paste special formats/formula remove background debris from the cells?

I had used COPY/Paste to get the header from the main SS. Maybe the problem
is embedded in that part of the sheet.

Thank you for your help.


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