I can not remove an object, please help me.



My name is Gerardo, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I have installed the Microsoft Antispyware Beta in my PC
but I can not remove the following object. Can you help
Vendor: Altnet BDE
Type: Regkey
Category: Data Miner
Object: HKEY_local_Machine:software/altnet



Ron Kinner

"Altnet Removal Instructions

Before you delete it, it must have its permissions changed:

Open the registry (Start->Run->regedit) and select the

on\App Management\ARPCache\AltnetDM]
\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru\5603]
er\Start Menu2\Programs\Altnet]

Start with the top folder which is Altnet and work down
and follow these instruction to change the permission for
all folders.

Right click on Altnet then click on permission, click on
add, click on advanced, click on find now, and look for
your log on name and click on okay twice to get back to
permissions for Altnet. Now, put a check mark in the boxes
for allow after click on advanced, click on the tab for
owner and highligt your log under 'change owner to' and
check the box that say's : 'Replace permission entries on
all child objects with entries shown here that apply to
child objects' and click on ok, click on apply and click
ok. Continue the same for the rest of the folders listed.

After the changing the permission, end the 'Altnet'
process from the Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete). Having
successfully done this you should be able to delete the
entire 'Altnet' folder."

Above from:


Appears it stores some of its stuff in C:\Windows\Temp
folder (C:\Winnt\temp on Win2K) so be sure to clean your
temp files too.

Ron Kinner

PS If you are using Win2K I think you will need to use
regedt32 to get to the permissions.

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