hyperlink troubles



how can you programatically move hyperlinks keeping the relative references,
so that the hyperlink is recreated when it is moved.

I have tried using the copy and paste hyperlink but this doesn't alter the
link for the change in location when the workbook is in a different directory
to the intial workbook that it is copied from.




Dave Peterson

Does this mean you want to point at the new workbook?

If yes, then I'd use the =hyperlink() worksheet function:

David McRitchie posted this and it might help you:

=HYPERLINK("#"&CELL("address",'sheet two'!C5),'sheet two'!C5)

But if I insert a hyperlink (using ctrl-k) and then point to a place in this
document, it seems to follow the workbook nicely.

If that's not happening for you, you may want to explain how you added the
hyperlink and what you're doing.

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