HTTPWebRequest - Programatically Uploading Text File with POST



I need to programatically upload a text file to a web server using the
HTTPWebRequest object within .Net 2.0.

So far, I have determined that:

- I need a HTTP content-type of "multipart/form-data".
- I need to use the ContentType.Boundary property.

That is about as far as I have gotten.

I have searched long and far for examples to do this in .Net but I can not
seem to find anything?

Does anyone have a code example or URL that I can look at to put the pieces
of the puzzle together?



I forgot to add that this must all be done programatically.

No user interface, no client.

I retrieve the data that I want to upload programatically and I must somehow
create a HTTPWebRequest that will use a POST request and the
"multipart/form-data" content type.

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