Long Path Tool recognizes the processes orrunning programs which have locke


Martin Krag

Long Path Tool recognizes the processes or running programs which have
locked those files, preventing them from being renamed, moved or
The following are some of the latest changes:
Copying folders and files omitting the error message: File name too
long error
Demonstration of deleting path too long
Delete files from drives with mapped network
Delete files following reboot
Lists the paths and files with characters more than 200 in length
Vista support for mapped disks
Vista administrator support

In addition to deleting or copying files and folders, this utility is
also used to control unsolicited business spam or email messages.

Long Path Tool carries a stringent Anti-Spam Policy barring the use of
computer user’s accounts to send unsolicited mail. This program will
not rent, sell or lease email subscriber listing to third parties.
Whilst there is a continued effort to actively evaluate and implement
brand new technology, including expanded features for filtering, there
is no technology available currently that will completely prevent the
receiving and sending of unsolicited emails. But, if you are using the
right tools and being careful about sharing your email address online
this could help to reduce those unsolicited messages.

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