HTML rendering issue in Exchange 2003 / Outlook 2003



We have an odd problem concerning the rendering of an html email.

We have an Exchange 2003 & Outlook 2003 environment.
The message is a form, with radio buttons that indicate some

When sent to hotmail, it appears as the sender intended.
When received by the internal network, the radio buttons have
disappeared, which means it's unintelligible.

When I look at the HTML source in Hotmail, I can see that it uses CSS
(thought I'm not really sure what that means !!)

When I look at the HTML source on the version received by Outlook, the
relevant lines that insert the radio buttons are mangled, for
good version:
<td style="vertical-align:top ">
<input type="radio" disabled name="sample" value="no" >No</input><br>

bad version
TD defanghtml_style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: top">
<DEFANGHTML_INPUT disabled value="no" type="radio">No<BR>

Any idea where this scrambling might be happening ??
I've read around the subject a bit & seen that there are lots of
issues like this flagged with Outlook 2007, but I stress, we're still
using 2003.




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

What antivirus/antispam scanner are you using on the server and in outlook?
It's munging the html code by adding 'defang'.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Well, I haven't solved my problem, but I do at least understand it

The anwser would seem to be that it's Outlook AND Outlook web access
that scan the HTML and disable any lines it thinks may be hazardous.

There's a MS KB article on this behaviour here:

That piece suggests a workaround for attachments, but what I need is a
workaround for the emails themselves (they come from a customer.....).

By default, Outlook 2003 blocks access to executable & allied files,
but that can be overridden via registry entries.

So far, I haven't found an equivalent way of telling Outlook NOT to
use what's described as Safe HTML.
Guess I'll keep looking

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