HP Workstation xw6000 - Audio subsystem



Patrick Whittle said:
Does anyone have an HP xw6000 workstation? I need a device driver for the
internal microphone/headphone board/chip-set.


It clearly lists the AC'97 driver which is RealTek
And here it is:

Note: you do not actually install the driver individually,
in above link double-click the AC'97 download link,
it is a zip file, in the dialog, direct where to download to - Desktop, My
or wherever you decide.
The download unzips and creates a folder
once download is complete, locate the folder where you directed to,
open the folder
It will contain many entries, including the required drivers
but you only concern yourself with finding the set up executable
(It will be named either SetUp, or setup.exe depending on folder view)
Just double-click on the setup executable and that will install the
contents of the folder, including the drivers.
Just sit back and let it complete then close all windows.

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