David Sherman

I have Compaq Presaro F730US. O/S is Vista Home premium

Under HP Total Care Advisor, under the item called "security", it
that the firewall is off.

Instead of renewing Norton Internet Security 2007, I purchased Norton
Internet security 2008.

Now secutiy shows that this item has to be fixed.

If I turned on Windows firewall, wouldn't I have 2 firewalls?

Why should I turn on Windows firewall, when this setting worked in


Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

You don't need to have both turned on, in fact, there can be possible
conflicts between the two, try disabling one.

I find the built in Firewall in Vista enough for most persons security
needs, its easy to configure and prevents incoming intrusions and the fact
that it doesn't expire like the Norton Firewall will in the future is enough
to keep the built in one in Vista turned on as the default..

David Sherman

Windows won't accept the settings. ie I can't turn on Windows Firewall
when Norton Internet security is installed.

Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

You are saying you cannot apply this in the Windows Security Center? Well, I
would reinstall NIS 2008 again, but next time during setup, choose the
Custom option (if there is one available) and uncheck NIS Firewall as one of
the components to install. What an intrusive product. :-/

Mick Murphy

Uninstall Norton! It is crap!

Use windows firewall, and Avast Free 4 Home Anti-virus.
Avast is easy on resources, and does the job!

David Sherman

Actually what happened:

I tried to enable Windows Firewall. I got an error message, that
wouldn't work. I turned off the machine.
I then awhile. Rebooted.
NIS 2008 flashed and said the Windows Firewall was turned on, do you
want to change.. I did.. Now I am happy again.

I do like Norton Products

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