HP Printer PhotoSmart 8230




I have a HP printer Photosmart 8230 and the very first time when I connected
the USB port to my laptop, it worked. However, after that, everytime when I
power up my laptop, an error would appear says the printer spooler is

I went to the printer folder and realized that it's empty. So, I tried to
add a new printer. However, every single time when I tried to go through the
process, I am getting that error message about the spooler ever step away.
If I keeps restarting the spooler, eventually, I'll get the error message
saying the driver doesn't exist with the error code: 0x000006be.

I've talked to HP tech support and they suggested it is a Windows problem. I
have Vista Home Premium.

I need my printer, so, anyone has any idea how to fix this problem?


I followed your instruction and it is still not working. While installing
the new driver, I got error messages saying the driver wasn't installed
correctly. The good news is, after I uninstall the driver and reinstall it
again, I connected the printer through the USB port as instructed. Vista
actually detected the new device, which is the first time since I was
getting all the error from the spooler before. However, the installation of
the driver still failed and I still can't use my printer and the spooler
stopped error message starts to appearing all over again.

Anything else I can do at this point?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

You have corrupted printer drivers in there somewhere..... and that's is
causing the spooler to fail. Does HP have an uninstall utility on their

Hugh Wyn Griffith

While installing
the new driver, I got error messages saying the driver wasn't installed

BTW -- I don't know a PS 8230 -- is that a typo? -- I have a PS 8250.

Did you download the full software package from:


If so uninstall everything using the Add/Remove Programs (whatever it is
called in VISTA) in Control Panel and delete the icon from Control Panel
/ Printers. Then reboot with neither the printer nor the USB cable
connected to the PC and with the printer turned off.

Find the downloaded file from HP

SF_CDD_Full_Non-Network_enu.exe 1/1 (67.39M)

and right mouse click on this exe file. Then select Run as Administrator
and OK your way out.

I've done that for my PS8250 with that file and it installed fine and
VISTA found the printer and set it up.

Note that you may, while the HP Installation procedure is running, get
Windows Installer popping up and offering to install the drivers. Do not
accept this offer but get rid of the Windows Installer and let the HP one
continue to do its job -- I may have run into this because I forget to
unplug the USB cable so you may not encounter it.

At some point the HP installation should either come to [Finish] or tell
you to connect the printer and its cable -- do whatever it tells you.

Hope that works for you.

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