HP LaserJet 3050 Not Availalbe on Server 2003 from Vista



I have got nowhere with HP. This works great with XP Pro SP2...but with
Vista? Aaaaaah!

Host O/S: Vista Home Premium
Terminal Services O/S: Windows Server 2003 (32-Bit)
Printer Driver(s): LaserJet 3050 PCL 5e
Universal Printer Driver 4.1 (PCL5)

The LaserJet 3050 is connected to the Vista laptop (Compaq) via USB. The
printer has printer pooling enabled and ports LPT1 and DOT4_001 are checked.

The UPD 4.1 driver has printer pooling enabled and ports LPT1 and DOT4_001
are checked.

This very configuration has been flawless for XP Pro SP2 machines connecting
with OfficeJet 7100 and LaserJet 3015 printers.

However, I cannot get the Terminal Services session to communicate with
Vista to recognize EITHER the 3050 driver or the UPD driver!

I have contacted HP Printer and Compaq Laptop support. No one has a clue
what I am talking about. I have read the HP Printers supported in Citrix
Presentation Server environments white papers and see that the LaserJet 3050
is included on the compatible printers list.

I also see that the 3050 is a supported printer on the upd driver site. It
also shows that driver is compatible with Vista/2003/Terminal Services.



Fixed it!

As I stated before, I am not an expert, so I don't know which of these steps
are essential and which are not, but here is what I did:

In Windows Server 2003:

1. Installed HP Universal Print Driver 4.1 (PCL5)
2. Chose 'Local Printer Connected to This Computer'
3. Unchecked 'auto-detect printers'
4. Changed the default port from LPT1 to Terminal Services port for the
user with the LaserJet 3050 - didn't matter which TS Port, just one that is
5. Assigned the HP Universal Printer Driver to the TS Port
6. Finished

In Vista Home Premium:

1. Installed both LaserJet 3050 PCL 5 driver native to Vista AND HP
Universal Printer Driver PCL5
2. Had 'printer pooling' enabled at the bottom of the 'port' tab in HP
Universal Printer PCL5 and 3050 printer drivers
3. Selected BOTH LPT1 and DOT4 ports for both of those printers and printed
test page directly from Vista to make sure those drivers worked

In Terminal Services Session (Remote Desktop connecting to Server 2003:

1. Logged in and HP Universal Printer PCL5 (on session COMPUTERNAME) was
2. Printed test page, Notepad text, and Word document to printer in number
1 - ALL THREE printed from multiple TS sessions on 'COMPUTERNAME's LaserJet

Hope this helps.

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