HP Laptop with Conexant High Definition Problem - The Solution



Solution to the problem if it has not yet been posted.

Install from HP Site: Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus
Driver for High Definition Audio - 06-2006 1.00 A » version -
Then download and install Conexant High Definition Audio Driver -
02-2006 A - 6.0M
The installation will fail, but the software will be in SWSetUp/sp32209.
Restart computer, go to device manager choose the device and install the
driver manually and voila!

Let me know if this worked for you as it did for me ...



Hey JC, I've tried to do what you did but it didn't seem to allow me to
complete the install, I'm not sure if by MANUALLY I am understanding the
method you are doing it by, I'm just selecting it from the list of sound and
video devices inside the driver install program and I'm not sure of any other
way to do this. I go through both of those installs and none of the stuff
begins showing up anywhere but when I try and run the final install portion
that you say comes out as a completion, it doesn't work, it fails aswell. If
you have any other info please let me know. Thanks.

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