HP Laptop--Burn to DVD from Moviemaker



I have an HP that can burn DVD's/CD's as I have burned tried to burn a video
CD to play on a DVD player through my TV. I have found it saves as a WMV
file which is unreadable.

I have read saving the video as an avi file can be burned on a DVD. Do you
need DVD software to do this? Will a DVD player be able to read this and
play through a TV? Do I need to buy a DVD writer?

I can capture and get my basketball game films into movie maker, but would
like to burn them either on a CD as a video CD that can be shown on a DVD
player OR burned as a DVD that can be played on a DVD player.

THANKS for any help you can provide.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Windows XP does not include any software that will enable you to burn a DVD.
PC's that come with a DVD burner installed usually come with software that
will enable you to do this... whether it be WinDVD Creator, Roxio, Nero,
Sonic, Power Director etc etc. An OEM version of the same software usually
comes with a DVD burner drive.

You will have to read your PC manual to find out exactly what DVD burning
software you have installed on your PC or if you do not have any, then
purchase one.

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