HP C7670 / Scanjet 6300C lamp


Andre Majorel

Scans have dark vertical bands on either side. The mirrors look
clean so I'm suspecting a worn lamp.

The lamp looks like two 2.5 mm diameter fluorescent tubes side
by side. Length at least 250 mm but can't be more precise than
that because each end is fitted with a black rubbery cap which
doesn't seem to come off easily.

Two wires come out of each cap (four wires in total). Silicone
insulation marked "3KV-DC 150°C".

I very much doubt it but I have to ask... Is this a standard
part ?

Thanks in advance.
Jul 18, 2019
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I'm trying to find a replacement Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamp (CCFL) for my trusted HP 'ScanJet 6350'. Any suggestions on where to find one? Can I possibly replace the defective original lamp with a CCFL of a more modern HP 'ScanJet' flat bed scanner?

Thanks in advance.