HP C5180 BLACK 363 level of ink reset - SUCCESS!!!




I accidentally managed to fool my HP Photosmart C5180 printer to
accept a refilled black 363 ink after the "Empty ink" blockage. I'm
not quite sure what did I actually do, so what follows is more like a
description of the circumstances in which it happened rather than a
method. I am absolutely not a professional and I take no
responsibility for anything you might do with your printer by
following my steps.

Anyway, the basics:

1. There's a "secret" menu which you enter by pressing the "<" (left)
button and the "Settings" button at the same time.
2. You move through the menu with <, >, X and OK buttons.
3. Enter the menu, press OK (something like "Support R0631M" should
4. Scroll to "System configuration menu" and choose "hardware failure
status", press OK, and "Press OK to clear". You will be prompted that
the status were cleared and the printer may buzz for a while, possibly
adjusting the inks or something.
5. NOTE: The procedure above is actually the standard way of dealing
with the "Ink system has failed. Error:0xc18a0001" thing. ->

So it all started with me randomly unplugging and plugging the
refilled black ink until I got the 0xc18a0001 error; I googled the
thing, did the hardware failure status clearing, then tinkered some
more with the "secret menu" options, then manually unplugged the
machine while it was doing some sort of servicing procedure I let it
do from the "servicing menu", then turned it on and had ANOTHER
0xc180001 error, removed it with the abovementioned method and... it
all started to work and is now smoothly printing everything (of course
every time I turn on the machine it shortly informs me that I'm a
psychotic bastard by using refilled HP inks, but it doesn't affect the
printing process). In the meantime I also tested all resetting methods
found on the internet, like pressing the X button for 5 seconds,
pressing the ON button and unplugging at the same time etc. - so
selecting the important from unimportant factors in my 2 hour oddysey
is beyond my copmprehension.

OK, so I know it's all quite messed up - and it's simply because from
my perspective it was like a random miracle. The only reason I'm
writing this down is to spread hope - it seems that YES, it IS
possible to fool the damn printer. It's definitely NOT bullshit, the
brute fact of the matter is that yes, I had my black ink refilled,
yes, I encountered the popular "you-can't-fool-HP" problem, and yes,
everything now works like a charm. Beats me too.

Maybe someone more clever than I will figure out from my adventures
what have REALLY happened? Keep trying folks!

BTW, in the abovementioned menu there's a place where you can check
your inks' serial number and their status (Information menu->pen
supply serial number (SN) and Information menu->pen supply level of
ink (LOI) ). Before my trick the black ink serial was probably the
same it is now (curse me, I didn't write the number down), but the LOI
status HAS changed from "empty" to "OK". So, to put this all short:
there definitely IS a way to change the LOI status of an ink by
following SOME procedure not involving taping any contacts on the ink,
using professional ink resetters etc., e.g. purely from the level of
the control board of the printer. I'd be as happy as you to find out
what could it be.

Dec 16, 2015
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Thanks Lamesz, have solved my problem, I confirm that you have to press the left arrow and setting, then clear the CMOS memory. Best wishes!
Roberto Girardi

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