HP 5510 all-in-one Fax setup - alternative?


Roger Taylor

My 5510 All In One printer/fax manual says I cannot share a fax and phone
line, as long as I have my answering mach phone hooked up in an adjacent
room, where it is more convenient; it has to be wired directly into the wall
via the fax machine, and cannot be in a separate room.
Folks have had difficulties getting stuff faxed to me on this machine even
when hooked up directly to the fax, as intended. The main challenge is
getting incoming machine faxes to i.d. my machine as a fax, as I have to set
my ans. mach on fewer rings than the 5510, then compress my outgoing voice
greeting so it doesn't screw up the sending fax machine's interpretation of
who it is talking to.
I want to give up with all the mess, and now propose to just turn off the
voice answering mach. button when someone is about to fax me, then plug the
fax line into the telephone wall jack, and put the printer/fax on
AutoAnswer, or answer after one ring..
This is a bit of trouble, but might result in more successful faxing, but at
the cost of people having to ring me first, so I can switch off the answerer
and pop the fax cord into the wall.
How do you hp fax owners out there handle this? Anyone out there with a
remote ans machine and a working 5510 in another room, and still make it

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