HowTo: Assign a processor to a process on a multiprocessor Windows 2K


Tom Robijns


My company is going to migrate from Old WINNT4 to brand
new servers (OS still unknown). We have one Windows 2K
server containing two processors. I would like to know if
and how it is possible to assign a specific processor to a
process and have the other processor handle all other
processes. I know you can do this in the task manager, but
is there a way to do this automatically ?
I don't really want to check my server every 5 minutes
verifying if there is a new process taking both processors.
Any ideas ? TX in advance !

Tom Robijns
FOST Plus IT Assistant (Belgium)




I know that Windows 2000 DataCenter has a tool for this,
but probably you can find something like that on the net.


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